Winter Wonderland

We have snow.  We've HAD snow for a while now.  Not a lot, but it's been cold enough with enough little flurries here and there to stay white for several weeks now.  We still don't have 4 wheel drive vehicles and I'm starting to wonder who ever came up with the idea of NOT making a truck or big SUV automatically 4WD!  Nothing like getting stuck in your own driveway--IN TOWN!  The snow and ice does have its benefits though.  We took full advantage of a big snow-packed hill over break to entertain us.

We were all quite challenged to make it up the hill, but once at the top, it was all down-hill from there.  (ha ha!)  The kids made ice angels, went from top to bottom of the hill over and over again and Tim and I just TRIED over and over again to get up the hill.  Tim gave up and after ending up on my rear a few times, I made it up and had fun going down a few times.

We had a lovely time, and despite the chilly temps, it was great to get out of the house.  We've been so spoiled with 50 degree days that these days of below freezing tend to drag on even though it is seasonal and expected.