Little Bits

We've made little changes since moving.  Nothing that really has a huge impact on our lives, just little things, like getting rid of our chore chart.  I can't handle it.  I guess it just works better for us if the kids understand that when they're asked to do something, they just need to do it.  Maybe it is because we don't have the volume of chores here in a little house--seriously--there are no chickens to feed or eggs to gather and the physical space to clean up is simply less!  Well, it seems logical that with less space it would be easier to keep clean, and it is, but it isn't any harder to turn into a pig sty! 

Another little change that we made was not subscribing to cable TV.  Barbaric, I know!  It was something we quite looked forward to, as there is really not much on TV that is good anymore, and it becomes a battle to maintain even a semi-innocent environment when anytime that black box comes on, family destruction is spewed out.  Even with a handful of channels that we may be able to get with an antenna, garbage is not eliminated, but likely football would still be an option to watch.  Alas, we would need more than just a little indoor antenna, so we opted for nothing.  Even with nothing, there are options though...Netflix still provided a fix for any screen withdrawl, but no fix for football watching.

I was not optomistic about the outcome of a houseful of boys not having televised games available.  Especially when you take into consideration that avid Husker fans live here. 

On New Year's Day, I enjoyed the opportunity to create fun "little" food for my family to enjoy.  The Huskers played that day in the Holiday Bowl, so I made an executive decision to acquire an outdoor antenna and stood on top of the dog house in freezing temps to hook it up...all so my loved ones would get to enjoy the day to its fullest potential. (I confess--my actions weren't 100% selfless). 

I must say, as shallow as it may sound, walking down the stairs to boys (I usually refer to Tim as one of the boys too) watching football felt as though normalcy had been restored to our home. 
It's little things like these that make me happy.