Best Excuse Ever

December 15th was National Cupcake Day.  It's a little ridiculous if you ask me...I'm pretty sure that there is likely a national day of recognition for just about anything.  We didn't balk too much at it though as we decided it was a pretty good excuse to splurge on some of those specialty cupcakes from a cupcake bakery.  I've never been willing to pay as much money for one cupcake as it would cost me to make 2 dozen of them, but today (especially since I had a coupon to make them a little less), since it was a day of monumental cupcake importance, it seemed obligatory!  So, off to the specialty store we went to indulge in some overpriced treats. was closed when we arrived!  WHAT???  Is that even legal to be closed on such a historic day? 
We dragged our disappointed selves to the nearest store that we thought we could find a substitute and consoled ourselves with the only thing that we could find in the way of cupcakes. Knowing that these substitutes would barely compare to what our palates had been anticipating, we further consoled ourselves with the acquisition of a new game to play while we enjoyed our sweet treats.

While the evening didn't go as initially planned, it seems that National Cupcake Day was the best excuse ever to eat sugar and play Risk for hours!  I love that this kind of night is considered fun in our family.