If I had one child I would reach milestones regularly, like quarterly. With seven children milestones come weekly it seems. On any given day we could be experiencing a first for someone, even if it is not a first for us. When it is a first for us, it feels like a double milestone. Jakob has offered us many of those being the first born. Tonight we went to his high school orientation. YIKES!! It was exciting on many levels and also the cause of a little anxiety. In less than a year our first baby will experience his first day of school all over again. New building, new teachers, new faces, new freedom, new responsibilities.   I'm happy that we have the opportunity and the ability to send our kids to Catholic schools. 

I don't remember an orientation when I went to high school. I don't remember a catalog full of class choices until I went to college. Oh my goodness, the opportunities for the incoming freshman from almost a dozen Catholic grade schools. His class size will more than quadruple. We watched performances by several music and dance groups and visited many extra curricular activity booths and exchanged looks with familiar faces that indicated there was enough information to make our heads spin. Some friends were in the same boat as we were--"first timers", and some were sitting through this presentation for the last time. I remember the first day of kindergarten, one of Jakob's classmates mom commented that it would be the first time she was without kids at home in 17 years as her daughter that she just dropped off was their youngest...they were there tonight hitting yet another milestone in their lives too.
I wish I could find a "first day of kindergarten" picture...this is the first day of 4th grade. that point, high school was still SOOOO far away!!

8th grade basketball

I'm very excited for the future. I can't believe this point in our lives is already so close. It won't be long and we'll be parents of a high schooler. We are proud parents of good kids. As hard as it sometimes is to accept that one phase is being exited, it is very exciting to begin a new one.