It is pretty common for me to have multiple blog posts composed in my head...lots of things that I'd really like to document with photos and stories.  Practically every day, I could probably come up with something, but the problem is that I can't seem to find the time everyday, much less every week to sit down and transfer stuff from my head to the computer.  Most of the time, by the time I do sit down, the publish-worthy material that seemed award-winning in my head no longer exists, so I'm left with a need to at minimum recap and update:

 This year, Tim and I shared my birthday and Father's day. I didn't mind, and neither did he. In fact, I don't think that I ever minded sharing with my dad when I was growing up and I don't think he did either. It was kind of fun. We somehow silently put a stop to breakfast in bed on "our" occasions. I think this mostly came about because it gets really tough for me to stay in bed waiting for someone to bring food to me...sometimes it can be hours, and I get a little anxious thinking about all the things that I could be doing during that time. :) Realistically, it is just as special to sit at the table and eat what someone else has prepared, so that is kind of what has evolved. This year, I made breakfast for Tim and he made dinner for me. Jakob and Joshua made me a cake and the kids and I made Tim ice cream. I've slowly come to the realization that the idea of being spoiled in the manner of not doing anything all day is not realistic, so I didn't expect to and my day was fabulous!

The day before, some of my friends treated me to coffee and spoiled me with heartfelt gifts and company. The combination of all of these things made my day pretty special. I think Tim's day was a good one too...at least I hope so!

Days later, on the first day of summer, we found ourselves at the ball field, wrapped in blankets with cups of hot cocoa to keep warm! Crazy!!
Our routine has changed again slightly as the number of baseball games per week have decreased. We found ourselves home the night that the tornado sirens sounded. As the black clouds began swirling we bee-lined to the basement with dinner and flashlights in hand to wait out the storm. A tornado did not transpire here, but the result was an evening watching a movie together as a family, which we actually haven't done for a while. It was fairly necessary to distract the little kids from the threat of severe weather.

Tim and I celebrated our sixteenth anniversary by meeting for lunch. It is nice to be able to steal a little bit of time away together...even if it only means a couple of hours.


And finally, I have finally had the chance to get some sewing done.  I find myself with a regular long list of things I want to make.  It almost causes anxiety as I get impatient even thinking about waiting to try something new.  Part of my anxiety is probably thinking about cleaning up my sewing room to be able to start something new in there!  Millie tends to be on the receiving end of my experiments.