Saints in the Summertime

I confess...I am up to my old antics again.  I am stealing--ideas.  Remember, I have friends that have GREAT ideas.  A group of friends began teaching their children about the lives of different saints.  "Summer with the Saints", I believe they call it.  They meet weekly and learn about a different saint, complete with activity, snack, and story, and likely much more!  I remember thinking what a wonderful idea it was last summer when I heard about it, and then I stashed it away in my brain somewhere with all the other ideas that I want to someday visit and bring to fruition. 

It hit me this summer when my memory was jogged, that I could implement something very similar in my own home with my own children.  Indeed, they were in need of something creative to do because without their noses in electronic screens, they were "bored to death!"  (Allow me to insert the following information:  they have all been grounded from all things fun because they are not being nice to each other.  Things like reading, cleaning, gardening, playing baseball, and playing with each other are apparently NOT fun.)

I assigned the first 'lesson' to Jakob and thought it would be best to just go in order of age until we reached a child who seemed at that point unable to 'teach'.  I honestly think that six of the seven of them are capable!  They were to come up with a story, activity and snack that would teach their siblings about the saint of their choice.  I of course, being willing to help provide assistance whenever they asked.  I also remembered to shut off my automatic "expectation switch" that often gets me into trouble whenever we begin something new.  :)

Jakob chose St. Sebastian, which only seems right since he is Jakob's Confirmation Saint.  He did a great job.  This will be a learning experience for all involved.  I love it when my kids get to learn how to teach.  It is good for them to be on both sides of things like that.  It may be frustrating when someone doesn't listen, but it also probably gives them more to think about next time they're the 'student'. 

St. Sebastian is the patron of athletes.  He was tied to a tree and shot with arrows by Roman soldiers who were trying to kill him to eliminate his teaching others of God.  His body withstood the brutality and he survived and continued to spread God's word.  He was eventually put to death by being beaten with a club.  He died a martyr.

 Jakob served "speared meat and cheese" and Cheeto "clubs" during his lunch lesson while he told Sebastian's story. He then taught them how to make a bow and arrow from paperclips, straws and rubber bands, and ended with a prayer asking Sebastians intercession for our faith to be as strong as an athlete's strength.

I think the kids had fun.  They were able to tell me about Saint Sebastian, so they listened and then they shot their little arrows for half and hour.  Joshua is next and has some good ideas in store to teach about St. John Vianney.  The others are already chopming at the bit, asking when it is their turn.  It will be good...and even if it doesn't pan out as intended, they'll all be better off than if we didn't even try, right??

St. Sebastian, pray for us.