Happy Birthday Benjamin!  This is a hard post for me to write just because your birthday is not until tomorrow and I won't have breakfast in bed pictures to post until after Easter.  Your birthday is always during Lent, but this is the first time it has been on Ash Wednesday of all days.  You were gracious enough to celebrate a little early to indulge all of us the opportunity to share in your cake and your fun!  Initially you were a little concerned about having your birthday cake a day early, but then when you realized that it would mean we could extend your celebration, you were totally on board!  Our plan is to have your birthday party with your friends later too...later when we don't have to feel like it is rushed...when we can all enjoy celebrating you with your friends.  Your plan is a bowling party with bowling pin cupcakes.  (Thanks for letting me buy a cake for tonight!)  :)

Since I don't have tomorrow's picture of breakfast in bed, here are a few from years past...I don't have any pictures of you from around birth to almost two years old because I didn't have my computer backed up.  :(

Happy 2nd!

Finally 3!

Four...happy about it??

Finding you in the covers to wish you a happy 5th!

You and I went grocery shopping together and you found a King Cake that you thought would be a perfect birthday cake.  How fitting!  A King cake on Fat Tuesday for your birthday!

The common theme of all of these "blowing out the candles" pictures is Amelia right beside the birthday boy!

Your siblings all made you empty donut box filled with oranges and apples and M&Ms, your spiderman wallet and hand-drawn pictures from Mathilda.  A box of football cards from Jon's personal collection, along with your light up watch from the prize box at school and a McDonald's gift card with $.02 on it.  I love how they pull their resources to make your day special!  You do it for them all the time! 

  You have always been so eager and excited about your birthday, talking about it, anticipating it! All of us enjoy your excitement!  Every day you ask, "How many days until my birthday?  How many days now?"  You've learned the days of the week, so this year you were able to determine how many days by going through the days of the week and counting.  I'm so proud of you.  You're so bright and you learn quickly.  You LOVE school.  LOVE it!  You would go every day for sure, but the time that we've had at home on your "days off" have been great.  You're by far our most energetic, independent child.  You love to be part of anything and I relish watching you achieve and succeed, and really just try anything.  You're naturally good at all you do.  In your mind, you've waited a lifetime to be part of what your brothers are part of.  You'll probably be the best athlete of all because you've been part of the sport since you could sit up!

Your laugh is the most contagious laugh I've ever heard!  It always has been.  It comes from way down deep...deep in your belly.  You always get picked out of a picture as being our ornry one.  That's pretty accurate.  I love every bit of you.  Happy birthday my Benjamin!  You're my favorite Benjamin in the whole world!