Happy Birthday Joshua

JOSHUA--"God is my salvation" 
Your name suits you.
Good morning!  Someday it will be fun to put each birthday morning breakfast-in-bed picture side by side to see if the bed -head and the expressions are the same!  :)

These guys are real troopers.  Everyone is always excited about taking breakfast to the birthday sibling.  Can you tell?  They really do get up immediately and are eager to help with executing the entire event.

Eleven...eleven!  That is just crazy.  Where does time go?  Joshua, you were not due until the 4th of March.  You were born on Thursday, the 2nd.  On the 1st, my doctor recommended that I head to the hospital to have a baby because I was dilated to 7 cm.  I know that doesn't mean much to you, but basically it meant you were on your way.  I couldn't.  I wasn't ready!  We were in the process of moving, and I was still uncertain how I was going to find enough room in my heart to love another baby as much as I loved your brother.  It took me about 1 second to figure it out!  I went home that Wednesday afternoon and made plans to go to the hospital the next morning.  Your dad always jokes that we have to run errands on the way to having a baby...we dropped off a housewarming gift to a friend on the way to the hospital that morning.  :)
Ready as we thought you were to come out, you resisted a little.  I remember telling your dad after you finally arrived that I now knew why women wanted drugs (pain medication) to deliver a baby.  I forgot about the pain the moment I held you!  (Ok, well I guess I haven't exactly forgotten, but it didn't matter anymore).  I think you were born smiling...not much has changed there!  :)  You've always had a huge heart, and everyone recognizes it.  They always say so.  God has special plans for you!

Since your actual birthday and your party were on two different days, we opted for a birthday cookie rather than a cake...someone decided to trim the edges a bit before frosting it!  It's funny...all the cool cakes that we make and everyone oooed and awed over this!  Amelia was right in there helping!!

We set the standard of having a "friend birthday party" in Kindergarten and 5th grade.  You decided on a movie party...too cold outside to play football, although you all went out for about 15 minutes in the 25 degree weather to play when everyone got here.

Cupcakes...of course!

And concessions...you surely don't have a movie party without concessions!

Can you tell that playing hostess is right up my alley?  :)

Feeding eight hungry boys...followed by 8 hungry family members.

No...the birthday banner hasn't come down since Joe's birthday, and probably won't until after Ben's birthday.  It'll definitely get it's use this month!

This is pre-sugar rush!


The "aftermath".  :)  Not bad...everything could've been gone.  Happy 11th birthday Joshua!!  I love you and your big heart.