"A" Week

I have this friend who inspires me often.  She is a wonderful mother, wife and friend and a beautiful Catholic woman.  I frequently ponder stealing sharing her ideas with my own family.  When school started she implemented after-school snacks with an alphabet theme...one letter a week.  GENIUS!  I admired from afar her creative motives, and held out for a week before I decided we needed to do the same here.  What a perfect opportunity to make learning letters fun for Joe.  I ran it by the kids to make sure it wasn't going to be too juvenille for them.  They were ecstatic about the prospect of having an organized snack each day and immediately began naming off the possiblities to start "A" week.

I sat down and began making a list of all kinds of fun things, and I admit, I was pretty excited myself.  I found a slew of preschool stuff online for Joe to do for "A" week.  What fun!  It was too.  We didn't start on Monday as one would presume, rather on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday.

Apple cheddar quesadillas

Angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

Ants on a log and Animal cookies

Artichoke spinach dip and chips

The week was fun and the kids were giddy anticipating what the days snack would be.  The challenge is the fact that we aren't home after school except on Wednesdays and Fridays, so I have to be creative and come up with a mobile snack--see the Suburban seat under the plate of cookies and celery?

Joe and Mille learning the letter "A".

This next week is "B" week!  Thanks Kristi for such an Awesome idea!!