"B" Week

Week two of the letter of the week was of course "B".  I anticipate having themed snacks after school, but not necessarily on the weekends, but we'll see, that might change.  The kids thought that since it was "B" week, we should have Bonus snacks...good try...I wasn't prepared, so I'm sure that Saturday's snack won't start with B. 

Blissful Brownies

Bean Rollups

 Breadsticks with sauce and Berry Berry Smoothies

 Bagel Bites and Blue Powerade

Banana Splits

Every day was a hit.  (The bean rollups were so much better right out of the oven though...they had to be mobile, and on Tuesday, I volunteered at school at 1:00, so they weren't quite as crisp and hot by 3:20.)  Two weeks down, 24 to go.  :)  The kids are having fun trying to guess what will be next, and I'm having fun with the challenge of coming up with something creative for each day. 

And speaking of creative...the cupcakes I made for Jakob's birthday (and those for Mattie's too) were from a most amazing little book called "Hello Cupcake".      I actually discovered that the authors have another book and a website/blog at http://www.hellocupcakebook.com/ .  There are some pretty amazing creations in here...I'm looking forward to checking out their new book "What's New Cupcake?".