The Reveal and Other Saturday Stuff

Ahh...Saturday...finally.  It's been a long week, and a short week too.  A busy one and a lazy one.  A refreshing one and a stressful one.  I honestly don't know how single moms do it.  Tim travels a little for his job, but it has been a while since it was more than seven days.  I always think of military families when Tim is grateful I am to know that my husband is coming home in a matter of days, rather than wondering if he'll be home at the end of his tour months or years from now.  I am thankful.

Jonathan and Mathilda returned yesterday after several fun-filled days with Grandma and Grandpa Andreasen (Hot tub Grandma and Grandpa).  They swam and golfed and shopped; I'm sure they ate like royalty because Grandma loves to spoil them with all their favorite foods and treats; they helped mow and clean cars and probably got to walk on or rub Grandpa's back to earn some extra spending money.  Mathilda came home with some new clothes including undies with days of the week on them from a "girls" shopping trip with Grandma and Jon came home with an interesting golf strategy to assist boys in keeping their heads down during their swing.  Hmmm...I think Grandpa has some interesting stories sometimes!  :)

All five kids shopped some more with me yesterday to find the right finishing touches for Jakob's room and then helped to finish it nicely.  They were so excited this afternoon to surprise Jakob when he got home. 

Jakob's room redo was definitely a group effort!

We all got up early (earlier than the rest of the week anyway) this morning and went to the Farmer's Market in the Haymarket. 

This is something that I have always enjoyed tremendously.  The last several years we've been unable to go until early fall just because of baseball on Saturdays.  Today was our first opportunity, so we jumped on it.  The kids were real troopers.  They won't bluntly admit it, but there were probably 100 other things they would have rather done...sleep longer, watch TV, play outside, eat collard greens...I think that there are definitely things they enjoy about the market, but they could certainly do without the produce, flowers, and really cute handmade items.  In their opinion the water fountain, balloons, suckers, marshmallow shooters and snack food should be at the very beginning of our walk instead of mixed throughout. 

The initial motivation for my kids to jump in the car to head to the Farmer's Market...the promise of large amounts of sugar for breakfast!

The event would be incomplete without these homemade suckers.

I can't remember the last time I saw Benjamin smile this big.  The firetruck is always a must at the market.

I'm sure that to experience the full glory of the Farmer's Market with a cup of hot Joe in my hand and an empty basket in my other hand that beckons me to fill it with produce and fresh cut stems and maybe even a loaf of crusty bread, I'll have to do it solo.

Eventually the kids will be big enough that I can let them bee-line for the suckers while I dilly-dally through the fresh veggies to find the perfect Heirloom tomatoes and the best looking lavendar and the sweetest ears of corn, and then we'll meet up for Kettle Korn.  For now, I'm not willing to swap my attendance status. 
My lone purchase...fresh basil for my window sill herb garden.

We've had an intruging visitor the last couple of days...a pigeon that has been hanging around by our back door.  I can't help but think about Bert on Sesame Street while I watch this bird strut around.  He is not easily spooked as I can get pretty close up to him.

Upon our return home, I made a deal with the kids:  they could help me clean or go outside and play.  What do you think they chose?  LOL!  After playing hard and cleaning up, Amelia took a very long nap and I offered a second set of options to the kids:  help me clean or watch TV.  Again...not much pondering that decision!  The afternoon brought pure respite.  I cleaned and picked up and polished and scrubbed and swept and shined for two hours (yes, I'm admitting that I let the TV babysit my children for two solid hours!) and it was so rejuvinating.  Bizzarre, I know.  I needed that this week.  I was eager for Tim's and Jakob's arrival, as were the rest of the kids.  As per my instructions, Tim phoned as they were driving through Eagle to give us just enough time to take our places in Jakob's room to surprise him.  Jakob was instructed to promptly take his things to his room so they would be properly put away...

"SURPRISE!", shouted four very eager children to their brother.  They could barely let him explore his new digs on his own.  They excitedly pointed out a room full of changes and furnishings, proud of what they had helped create for him.  Jakob was truly surprised, as indicated from the lasting smile on his face.  He was actually excited to go to bed tonight and since he's gone up there, I haven't heard from him every 10 minutes or so like I usually do.  Good...mission accomplished.  I took a few pictures before the curtains were hung, mirrors were cleaned and desk was accessorized.  I'm pleased with the results...probably not magazine layout material, but for this house, it is the only bedroom that really resembles a decorated room, and for a mere fraction of the Pottery Barn inspiration.  I think I saved about 80%!

This was the theme verse at camp this year.  Something we should all be encouraged to remember regularly! 

Regarding the general return home from an amazing week of worship and praise and fun and fellowship...I know I sent my ornry 11 year old out there a week ago, but this cordial, mature young man came back.  I know that it won't last forever, or even until next year when he repeats his attendance of Leadership Camp, but it will linger as long as the rest of us continue to support and encourage and live the things he learned this week.

I'm glad to have my husband home.  I'm glad to have my Jakob home.  I'm eager for Joshua to return to re-complete our family.