Planning to Plan

Today the school summer mailing came.  As I pulled it out of the mailbox and began to open it, I had butterflies in my belly.  Wierd???  Yes, unless you're me.  I am not excited about the idea of summer ending and school starting so soon, but I am oddly motivated by the idea of oranizing anything, and the school mailing means that I can open up my now-almost-bare-planner and start filling it in and begin planning what school supplies are needed and remember that I do actually still have it in me to be structured and a bizzarely chaotic sort of way. 

In fact, after I opened it just long enough to thumb through and quickly browse the contents, I purposefully put all the pages back in the envelope and decided I needed to sit down with a cup of coffee to thoroughly read through them.  Just the thought of sitting with a cup of coffee was exciting too.  By the time I found a moment to do just that, I opened the fridge and caught sight of a beer. baseball...nowhere to go tonight, dinner is in the oven, kids are playing nicely (WHAT??? are playing nicely) and the label said "Summer Ale".  " it the middle of the day...SO??"  (Currently laughing out loud because I just drank a beer in the middle of the day!)

So I sat with my beer and my pages of information about what is already known about the upcoming school year.  I began thinking about how much I truly, truly enjoy St. Teresa's parish.  What a perfect fit for us.  And then as I continued to flip through the pages, I was reminded of the bountiful blessings of St. Teresa's school again...our tuition is less than our hot lunch total.  I read each page from top to bottom, digesting the information.  I love the fall...maybe this is why...because something new begins and when it does, it's big...big after an important break such as summer vacation.  New milestones are about to be reached.  New memories are about to be made.  New challenges will be embarked upon, and relationships will grow even more, as will values, traditions, and knowledge. 

I will again get the chance to see if I am smarter than a 5th grader.  (Joshua will be a 5th grader) I will embark upon the role of being a junior high mom.  I will have FIVE children in school and be at home with only two!!!  (Wow, I just got really sad about that bit of excitement...take note that we have reached a milestone never before seen since we've begun parenthood...we're not pregnant)  I would homeschool in a heartbeat--IF I didn't absolutely love St. Teresa's school. I'm beginning to fill out forms and scurry to make sure we have all the necessary information and $$ ready to deposit at "Back-to-school-Sunday", and fill in dates on my calendar, and  purchase new uniforms and school supplies, I'm also reminded that I only have about 5 and a half more weeks to relish my time with my children and the time that I have with them before they are ALL in school.  (Oh MERCY!!  That is going to happen way too fast!)

Through all of this, I've also discovered the divine benefits of having a beer in the middle of the afternoon:  my children are keen on the more "laid back" version of their mom.  Hmmm...maybe I should stock the fridge.  LOL!!!  Or maybe it should just be a specail occasion type of thing--like when I have organizing to be done!  HA!