I was country when country wasn't cool

Ok, well that is a song title by Barbara Mandrell, but I could sing all of the lyrics I bet! The CMA awards were last night, and while we didn't watch them, we heard some of the highlights on the radio this morning. I'm sure that I would question whether or not they are appropriate for my kids to watch even though i'm pretty sure I didn't miss seeing them once in a ten year span when I was a kid! I watched some of the highlights online this morning and laughed and had a good feeling...like a nostalgic feeling when I realized that most of the songs and artists that won are ones that my kids too can sing the lyrics (some not so appropriate!) and know the names. What is it about country music that would give me such a warm feeling? I guess it reminds me of my childhood and makes me feel like something that was special to me is also to my children. Country music may not be the same as it was 50 years ago...I know that 25 years ago it wasn't the same and isn't now either, but it is still music that I feel gets listened to and enjoyed by people who are like me or people with midwestern, country roots...proud to be who they are and of where they're from. Maybe not, but it's a good thought!! :)