I am on a mission right now to hurry up and record my thoughts before I lose the chance to blog. I went to parent teacher conferences tonight. It was a treat for me as usually Tim is the one who gets to go. I wanted to make sure I was on time, stayed on track and didn't talk too much. I think I did ok for the most part. I can't say that I went there with many concerns at all. I know each of my kids' strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, but knew too that I would have the opportunity to learn a little more about each of them.

Report cards came home yesterday, so I already knew how they were each doing in their classrooms. I was enlightened by the rest of what i learned. I am blessed. I have wonderful children, who no matter how obnoxious or unruly they can be at home, at school they are respectful, obedient (for the most part), and happy to be at school. They each have their own personalities and that makes it challenging to know how to address different and same situations with each of them.

Jakob--a bright child with a wonderful personality who pushes to the limit in a way that he doesn't make anyone angry, just frustrated. He is careless with his work when he does it too quickly, but bright enough that even his weakest efforts can earn him a good grade. He is knowlegable of his strengths and weaknesses, and now just needs to learn to work on his weaknesses and hone his strengths.

Joshua--an absolute pleasure...well behaved, well mannered, polite, obedient, hard-working...this does not surprise me...I wish that it would carry over to how he treats his siblings at home, but he is and has always been a good-hearted child. He is genuine.

Jonathan--repsectful, bright, hard-working. No concerns other than remembering to bring his homework back. He excells in math, has an imagination and is funny. This is also no surprise. He wrote about Star Wars and that the most important thing is that it is violent...we will have to have a chat about this to interpret what he means here. :)

Mathilda--a treat. That she is. We made the right decision by keeping her in kindergarten. She is excelling, interested in what she is learning, and showing good leadership skills. She is talkative and engaging...yes, she sure is! :)

Benjamin--now, this surprised me--he is quiet and doesn't say much at all. Really?? Wow, that did catch me off guard, but I guess I can see that. He is just thrilled to be at school. He is four and I think he feels he's already waited a lifetime to get there. He is polite and respectful, follows the rules and doesn't have a lot to say. I think I enlightened his teacher with my stories of his character at home. LOL!

Well, I must say that I left feeling quite proud of my children, not just because they received great grades on their report cards, but because their teachers enjoy teaching them. It is such a wonderful feeling to know that someone cares for my child....genuinely cares. That they take the time to love them, teach them, a want them to excell and succeed. We have such an amazing group of teachers preparing our children's minds and hearts to grow academically and spiritually.

I feel so fortunate to be part of this St. Teresa's family, and know that we are giving our children something that is preiceless. They value their opportunity to be at a Catholic school. They don't feel slighted because they wear uniforms or go to mass or can't have green hair or cell phones at school. This is largely in part due to the teachers that mentor them, the other families that send their children to school there and the rest of the St. Teresa's family that support this little school and it's patron saint's little way. Yes, we were meant to be where we are, and I am happy with it all. I have wonderful children. The report cards were full of A's, the teachers were full of encouraging remarks, and this is rewarding. I'm sure it won't make my days any less challenging than they were yesterday, but it is a reminder or an indication that we must be doing something right...we are blessed.