Mathilda and the seven dorfs

What will we be for halloween? The catalogs and magazines start arriving late in the summer filled with Halloween costumes for all ages. They are much fun to look at and imagine what fun characters everyone can be, and then we look at the outrageous prices and think really hard about other characters everyone could be. This afternoon as we were driving, Mathilda, Ben and Joe were looking at some magazines and planning. According to Mathilda, there are two options: 1. "I will be Snow White and you can be my dorfs (dwarfs). Daddy, you can be the big dorf and Mommy, you can be the evil witch mom". (OK??)
2. (The boys want Star Wars, but Mathilda does not, however if they're not going to be her dorfs, then...)" can be a corn trooper (clone trooper) and you can be Dark Vader (Darth Vader)."

We couldn't stop laughing, especially when Tim reminded her that this would work only if she ate Raisin Brown (Bran) for breakfast, which is what she repeatedly asked for this morning.

Her third option was that we could have another baby girl and she (Mathilda) could be Cinderella and her two sisters could be the step-sisters and I could again be the wicked evil witch mom. Good thing there is no evil witch mom in Star Wars that she knows of!