A little innovation gets the job done.

The deconstruction of our house continues. It is a mess, but a good mess I guess, because it means progress toward our wood floors. The three older boys worked for two hours last night tearing up the kitchen floor. Tim cut it up into 2x2 blocks, and the boys used the pry bar to pull up the underlayment and linoleum, took it to the garage and then pulled up the remaining staples. Almost the entire two hours was fight-free and it was fun to watch them work together. They were extra pleased with the chocolate malt waiting for them at the end of their job.

Today we pulled out the carpet, pad and tack strips from one of the bedrooms and again they all assisted with that and the removal of the furniture before hand. Even the little ones helped carry out pieces of furniture to the basement.

When all of this "fun" was finished, everyone took a break. Mattie, Ben and Joe went out and got Fannie. They tied the lead rope to the side of her halter, led her to the play set, under the cross bars and proceeded to cross the crossbars to position themselves over the horse and "climb" on. It was hilarious to see. They took turns riding and leading the horse around the yard. The best part was when they took her to the playset to change riders and she pooped in the sandbox! They each had their boots on and they were ready to ride.

As we move furniture out of each room it is really tempting to leave the furniture out when everything is finished. The open uncluttered space is so nice. We'll see how functional it will be that way.