What an amazing time we've had traveling to Montana this summer. It is very challenging to prepare for a vacation, especially a long one such as this one has been, but when it is all done, it is totally worth it and we're looking forward to the next opportunity. Baseball games have been missed, and when we are finally back at home, Joshua's season will be over, but Jakob and jonathan still have a game or two left. The animals have been cared for by friends, and hopefully the garden will be alive and not covered with weeds. We had to kennel Nick for the week, but he also got his shots updated, was neutered and had a skin tear fixed.
The purpose of this vacation was a Gallwas family reunion, which introduced 90 percent of the attendees to me for the first time. It was fun to meet them, but the time was too short to actually get to know them very well. Maybe we'll have that 0pportunity again. My Grandma has three living siblings that were there and their families. All of the first cousins but one were able to attend. We were able to have a day before the reunion to spend time with the Corneliusen family...Vern, Kelly, and Allen were all there. The kids were fortunate enough to get reacquainted with their aunts and uncles that they had just seen 4 years ago and then 2 years ago, so hopefully we can continue a good frequency of visits like this.
We drove to Scottsbluff on Wednesday and stayed overnight, allowing us to have dinner with Aunt Kathy, Chris and Mia and their girls, Grandma and Grandpa S, Uncle Tom and George and Ann and their kids. Thursday morning , we split up and mom and I and three kids and Tim and Dad and four kids drove to Billings together, stopping a few times along the way making for a leisurely trip. We stayed in Billings at Paul and Sharon's house while they were gone, but they actually came back home one night and Roxy and her two kids were there, so we really have had a family filled vacation!!

Sunday afternoon we left family and met up with Jobey Eddleman, a client and friend of Tims. She took us to Pompey's Pillar and then to her family's ranch until Tuesday morning. That portion of the trip deserves its own blog! We truly enjoyed our time, and are already contemplating the thought of a trip to Ronan next summer and up to Glacier!

Oh...I should mention how the travel arrangements worked: All nine of us traveled in the Suburban...after this trip, I think it (the Suburban) deserves a name!! Four suitcases up top, and inside there was room for two small cooler bags, a bag of groceries, a bag with DVD players and movies, a tote with paper and books and crayons, a diaper bag, breast pump, purse, baby doll, blankets, sweatshirts, hats, water bottles, one backpack, a computer and a baby swing. I'd say we did pretty good! There wasn't a lot of extra room, but when things were organized, it was at least comfortable.

There was some fighting, some commradery, some sleeping and even a little bit of laughter. Joe wore a pullup the whole trip and never made it wet...now, he did poop in it! We did have to make a trip to an urgent care clinic because Joe had 'bacterial conjuncivitis' and needed medication, but that is par for the course...there is always at least one of us that requires that visit during a vacation!! We also celebrated my birthday, father's day and our anniversary during this trip! I would say that this was a successful family summer vacation. We'll see what kind of memories our kids made to ultimately determine that!!