Yesterday I got an email about HOPE. Yesterday at MOPS, we talked about HOPE. What a coincidence? Not really I don't think. I think it's more along the lines of seeing in a few short months, the darkness and sadness of the direction our nation is heading. I really think there are probably people that are sitting back watching, wondering what in the world they've done. I think too that there are people sitting back rejoicing, feeling like they have a point to prove and not really caring about the moral outcome. It truly saddens me to think that so many people that think pro-life is being anti-freedom. It has really come to the point that in terms of abortion, pro-choice is ultimately pro-abortion and there really is no arguing that.

Our nation is in trouble. Before the presidential election, people predicted that Christians would again be persecuted. I believe that is already happening. I also believe it is going to get much worse before it gets better. In spite of the sadness of all of this, there is still so much HOPE. I say that and really believe it because last night at church on Holy Thursday, the start of the most amazing and sacred time of year, Easter, the physical church was full--overflowing with people that were all there to celebrate. This is not a day of obligation. No one 'had' to attend this service, but they did, and I'm sure that St. Teresa's was not the only church in Lincoln, in NE, in the US that was full, or was at least attended. The Christian community is still very much alive. I would tend to think that a good majority of those in attendance anywhere, since they were there on a Thursday night instead of at home watching TV, are those Christians who also believe that killing is wrong...that know that God intended the covenant of marriage to be between a man and a woman...that would oppose financing abortions in other countries with their tax dollars, that don't agree with forcing a doctor to practice against his moral convictions, and that would likely still be there even if it meant that they could get into trouble.

That is where my thoughts went last night as we paid homage to our Lord who sacrificed so much to provide us with salvation from this kind of world. It was night time and we were all inside the walls of this building, safe, full of hope and life, despite the evils that were going on outside the walls.

There may be some who have realized too late regarding their vote what one man can do, but hopefully they've come back to realize that there is one man that can still offer more. There is still HOPE.