The Great Outdoors

Today is a Thursday. Tim has been on vacation for an entire week. It has been wonderful for all of us. He has a week left. During tax season, he and the boys talked about having a "boys" camping trip after April 15th and during his vacation. We've struggled to find a good time to do this because each weekend has or will have something going on. Tomorrow is a short day at school and so it was decided that the camping trip would happen tonight. This is Ben's first camping trip with the boys. It is all he could talk about for the last month or so. the most exciting part for him was the anticipation of roasting marshmallows! The other three boys were just excited about the time with dad, staying up late, farting, burping, doing all the disgusting boy things, and NOW, skipping school with Dad!

Their adventure began with the packing...tent, sleeping bags, pillows, balls and gloves, staple foods (pop, chips, sunflower seeds, marshmallows, sandwich stuff) and the things that mom threw in...apples, pretzels, jerky and water, and of course the other things that I insisted on...towel, antibacterial hand sanitzer, first aid kit, mosquito spray and sunscreen! They loaded up and were on their way around 6 pm. it's just a one night trip and only about 20 miles from home, but it is just the boys, for a good 18 hours! Joe was really upset that he couldn't go and Mathilda wasn't happy about staying home either, because with Joe here, it wasn't really just the girls either. (On a side note, she does have school tomorrow and last night Jonathan was really upset about her having to go by herself. He was willing to stay behind so that she wouldn't be scared going alone. Oh...they do love each other sometimes!)

8:30 pm: The phone rang and it was Tim. I assumed to let me know they were set up and having fun, "love you mom" and "good-night". Instead, "Is Jakob allergic to any medication?" OK...that is not a question that gets asked because they're having a "guy" conversation! This will be a memorable camping trip as Jakob and Benjamin were in the back of an ambulance getting ready to head to a hospital and Tim and the other two boys were going to follow. It seems that after they got camp set up, the boys went wading in the water and three of them stepped on a bottle that had shattered. Joshua was barely bleeding, Tim was tending to Benjamin's cut and then Jakob announced that he too was cut. Jakob's cut was quite large and bleeding a lot so Tim got them situated enough to drive the the ER. He asked directions at a gas station, but they were pretty shaky (the directions) so they called 911...thus, the ambulance.

At this point, I've heard from them a handful of times, mostly to verify insurance info, medical history, etc. I know that Benjamin just wants to come home and see mommy, and Jakob rated his pain at 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. Knowing him, he is just excited to be getting more stitches!

I will be looking forward to hearing the rest of the story...and their version(s) of it when the come home tomorrow. Hopefully they'll at least get to sleep in the tent and build a camp fire tomorrow. They'll all remember this trip, even if all they can remember is the ambulance ride!