The Face of God

Last night we had our monthly parenting bible study. I've been a little stressed about it lately, feeling like I coordinate it, plan for it, clean for it, clean up after it, provide for it, etc. Last night was even more so because it was our turn to lead the study. The study was random as we don't have a set cirriculum right now. I'm frustrated because I feel like half of our group (there are only four families) isn't committed any more. It is challenging to find one day in an entire month that will work for all of us together and even last night ended up not. We started out doing this to grow as parents and families in our faith, which I think we've done, but now it doesn't seem to be doing much for some of us. The bulk of my frustration is that i do coordinate it, so when it doesn't seem to be a priority for some, I want to throw in the towel. I opted not to bring any of this up last night, but fortuneately someone else did. There were different levels of response to what we should do.

There is always something good that comes from this group, even if it is challenging to see eye to eye on some things. I have been struggling with my attitude toward my kids lately. It's like I'm angry AT them most of the time. I have very little patience with them and I certainly haven't set a very good example of unconditional love. The topic was about what God has called us to do/be and what our gifts of the holy spirit are. Somehow Sarah brought up that another mom with a Down's baby said she has to remind herself to serve her child as he is very content and doesn't cry or really demand much at all. She can really look at him and see the face of God in him and it has made her realize even more that she is here to serve her see the face of God in ALL of them. How my behavior would be different if I would just try to see that in my own children.

That is my goal today...and every day, but one day at a time for see the face of God in each of my children and serve them with love.