Short news today. I often think of things throughout the day and only wish that I could instantly record them. They sound so good in my head, and if I could only record them, I would certainly have a best seller on my hands! I think about retorts to questions like, "You know what causes that don't you?" in regard to the number of children that we have. "I do, you must not have figured it out yet huh?" That of course isn't my own, which is probably why I can remember it so well. I'm doing it again...I just had a really great thought, but by the time I typed the last sentence it has escaped me!! When I was pregnant with #1, people told me often that pregnancy causes a reduction of brain cells. "Whatever" I thought. Well, I'm convinced that was VERY accurate! I actually had someone ask me the other day if I was pregnant! (Because I was so scatterbrained!) Anyway, I heard someone give a talk about how women are born multi-taskers and perfectionists. That's pretty accurate too. Maybe that's why my brain can't stay focused on any one thought for more that a second or two. The other night, I told our daughter that she was going to get a spanking--yes, we believe in those--for whatever it was that she did. When I told her dad she needed one, he asked what it was for, and I couldn't even remember. I'm not sure the spanking has any purpose at that point. If she knew what it was for, she wasn't saying.

Each night at bedtime, and each afternoon at naptime, I read (or Tim reads) a book or books to the kids. Ben is stuck on the same ones lately. For about the last two weeks, I've read the same two books twice a day and sometimes multiple times in one sitting. One, I don't mind. It is a very cute version of the creation story. At the end of each page it says, "...and it was good". This is Ben's part, and he does it well. It is illustrated with photographs of babies in very cute costumes such as a fish, a bird, an orange tree, a sun and moon. At the end, there is Adam and Eve. Two chubby little babies are sitting with greenery around their bottoms, and he always shrieks, "They're naked!" The other book is one with pictures of things that move...automobiles, boats, construction equipment, etc. I don't like reading this book because we always have to go back pages to talk again about all the same things we just talked about. When the book is done, we just have to quickly move on and change the subject. Repetition is something that is very Benjamin. He gets so excited about things that he can't let them go for months. We're currently talking every 30 minutes or so about how Mattie gets to go on an airplane with mommy and he gets to go on a choo choo train. "Me get to go on a choo choo train with mommy, and not Mattie, but Grandma and Grandpa?" "No, we're going to Grandma and Grandpa's on the choo choo, not with them."

I guess my objective with "blogging" is to be able to record things that I want to remember, so while these things aren't terribly exciting, I'm sure i will be glad to have them at some point. I'm also sure that there WILL be some pretty exciting things to write about too.