Entering a new world

Today I was advised to start blogging by my brother. He complimented my style of sharing our interesting stories and said, "I don't understand why you don't blog with all the free time you have!" He was of course joking about the free time...at least he better have been! At any rate, I decided to give it a try, so into uncharted territory I go. If this works, it will certainly be better than my attempts of journaling, as I usually average one entry every four months. I used to think that there would be no way I would forget some of the crazy things that happen in my house, but sadly, I have a hard time remembering where I've put my car keys, so this may just prove to be a very valuable experience!

Just in case someone who doesn't know our family decides to read this, I should start with an introduction. We are a family 8 strong. My husband, myself and our 6 beautiful little children who at some point you may wonder if they are children or little monsters. Our oldest is 9 and our youngest will be 1 very soon. There are 5 boys and one girl. One princess, one queen, one girly girl, one bossy boss, one sister, who will fill the role of woman quite well. It is amazing to me what things need not be taught, like always being right, hand on the hip stance, and an inherent nurturing instinct. On the flip side, no one had to teach our boys how to pee whereever they wanted to. It seems to come quite naturally to whip out their prize possession to feel the breeze and water things. This is actually something that I'm sure will come up again, as number 6 is a boy and will eventually need to be potty trained. That is always an adventure, and one that brings me to my needs often!

I began scrapbooking a while back and was told that to diminish any overwhelming anxiety, I should not try to go back, rather scrap in the present and then eventually go back and catch up slowly. I think I'll apply the same rule to blogging. I will begin immediately with what is current at this moment actually.

Rather timely, considering my comment above about peeing: our three year old who is potty trained, often decides that it is much too far to take those 10 steps to the bathroom, so will pee whereever he is at the moment. He just did. Fortunately, our girl is able to fill the stereotypical girl role and provide up-to-the-minute tattle reports. He peed behind a chair in the living room. It probably took him longer to climb behind the chair than it would have to walk to the bathroom. Just in case it is ever a question, we do not condone this behavior, although it has happened with ALL of our children thus far. We've decided it is a special gene that they all possess.

As I have many other things to do, I'll summarize quickly: There are small chunks of apple all over the floor, because I am blogging and not paying attention to my children. This could be a blogging hazard! My children love fruit and vegetables. I'm not bragging, but I am happy about this. I can't keep fresh fruit on hand, or yougurt for that matter. It's a good thing, but also very messy as I can usually (if I'm not paying attention to them) count on finding a half dozen apples with little bites out of them. They must be trying to find just the right one...maybe we shouldnt read "The Three Bears" to them anymore! There are typically apple cores, banana peels, and empty berry cartons found under beds too! Oh my goodness, I could go on and on about the snacking habits here! Peanut butter jars and spoons, wrappers, once an ice cream carton! They've all been snuck from the kitchen, our children just haven't quite learned that if you're going to sneak something, the evidence should probably be hidden!

So, not too much to really post about today (well it is only 2:00), but at least it has gotten me started. Maybe I should remember that the same 3 year old mentioned above also ran away from me in the grocery store not once but twice this morning. It's a fun game to him...look at the mad mommy racing with her cart of groceries through the store! Anyone ever seen that game show that contestants run through the store trying to pile in the most expensive groceries? That was me without piling in the groceries!! The worst of it is that it didn't even make him tired!!!

Ok, well that has to be it for now, I really do have other things that are more important to take care of.