It's Been a Long Time

It's been a while since we've had a two year old.  Five and a half years to be exact! One shouldn't forget so quickly what it is like, but I think we have.  The busyness of a toddler...and this one is BUSY!  She is fearless, curious, mischievous, independent, and she is smart.  She picks up everything pretty darn quick!
 That's right, she's in our bed...she's often in our bed.  She started climbing out of her little crib so we moved her to a bigger crib that she climbed out we took the rail off so she could have her own Willa sized bed and she just plain stopped going to bed well.
 I suppose it was nothing more than just knowing there was something coming that was going to rock her world pretty soon in the way of a new sister.
The intensity of her fits picked up a little too, but her cuteness didn't go away and neither did her charm!
 I almost forgot the wonder of watching a little one experience things for the first time and how they study everything so intently.
 It is so much fun to watch her absorb every new little thing like a little sponge.
 And...she makes us laugh with her antics.  She is yet another that reminds me of my Uncle Tom...she will eat the frosting off a cupcake, the jelly off of toast, the cheese off of a grilled cheese sandwich...and sometimes with finesse.

Enjoying some big brother time at the local coffee shop.

Reading "Amillie Badillie"

Getting ready for her role as big sister.

Seriously...this child can throw a fit and then melt you with charm.

Holding her Daddy.  

 Happy 2nd birthday Willa Frances.  We love you to the moon and are our favorite Willa in the world!