The Sacrament of Baptism--Esther Rose

What a special day a baptism is.  One of many sacraments--the first one, welcoming you into the Light of Christ.  It is full of so many beautiful signs and traditions, family and friends to celebrate with us.  

Your godparents who promise to love you and pray for you, and influence you to love Jesus.

 These two certainly will do that!  Your big brother and Miss Kelly!  We know they'll love you as much as we love them!
 Despite a baptismal ceremony being on the side of formal, our family certainly depicts the normalcy of the event, but also the sheer joy.  We may have been afraid of something not looking textbook the first few times, but the truth of all of it is that newborns cry, especially when you hope they will sleep, and they probably spit up or blow out their baptismal garments--if they are indeed dressed completely in them at all.
 Each of our children have worn Tim's baptismal "outfit".  It is not a gown, but a simple knitted onsie.  He wore it when he was baptized.  When Jakob was born I had this idea that our kids could be baptized in some family heirloom vintage gown that was passed down...but to my knowledge we don't have one of those in our family.  What we do have is a onesie.  Jakob wore it in November and it was cold!  Joshua wore it in March and it was also cold, but this time I had time and foresight to find something to go with it.  The rest of the kids wore the onesie, romper and jacket that complimented each other.
 It was still not that flowing vintage gown, but it has been passed down!  Poor Esther didn't have the onesie on underneath though.  The kids all celebrate their baptisms in school by learning about them and show-and-telling.  Amelia took the onesie and I can't remember where I put it when she brought it a safe place somewhere I'm sure!
 Monsignor has baptized most of our kids, and we were honored to have him baptize Esther as well.  He is such a wonderful man and friend!
 We were blessed to have much of our family present over the Thanksgiving weekend to celebrate with us.  Related or not...everyone there is part of our family and part of Esther's life!

 The smell of her head and chest after being blessed with chrism oil.  It is a smell of a heavenly child!

 Seven of the nine of them have been baptized at St. Teresa's.  (The other two at Crete Sacred Heart) We are so blessed!  I love my family.  Welcome to Christ's family and the Andreasen family Esther Rose!