Needing to catch up...overwhelmed by the thought of it...starting here and proceeding I hope, one post at a time!

Happy birthday Mathilda!  You've reached the point where you're not a little kid, you're not a big kid, you're not a teenager, but at the end of the "tween" years!  I sometimes wonder if I write the same things every year?  If I do, I guess you'll just be confirmed in the way that I feel and the way that things are!  You're growing into such a wonderful and beautiful young lady.  I would in all honesty not use the term young lady to describe you on a normal and regular are and always have been our "bull in the china cupboard" and as your brothers described you from a very young age, "not a girly-girl, not a tom-boy, just a very disgusting girl".  In no way do I remind you of that to criticize or minimize your loveliness, but you have a very strong personality and these things make you who you are for sure!  Now in addition to that, you are quite caring and nurturing, always making things for others to make them feel special, working hard to take care of situations, lead discussions, create games and things to play and entertain.  Over the summer you showed many that you are a very talented and competent baby sitter and you're quite good at making people laugh and enjoy whatever is in front of them.  

 You like your "girl-time" with others and especially like doing grown up things like going out for coffee and pursuing Pinterest.
 At age 12, you share a room with your get the bottom bunk and Millie has the top one.  Your room is seldom clean and the jury is still out on whose fault that is.  I want you to know that you are a total slob, with clothes and garbage and dishes and stuff lying all over your room.  Bed never made, clothes in every corner, scraps of paper and wrappers from snacks lying all over the floor.  Someday you will likely have a clean and organized home that is the envy of all of your family and friends, at which point we will refer to this post to remember that you have evolved!!
 You are 5'5", and officially at the stage where girls clothes are too small, juniors clothes are too mature looking (for juniors too I might add!) and not yet curvy enough for women's clothing.  Lost of t-shirts and sweat pants for a while!  Your favorites include:  STAGE productions--you're a very talented actress--swimming--we all know you could kick your brothers' rear ends, crafting--or mess-making with hopeful anticipation.
 It was fun to serve your birthday cake on your great grandma's cake plate.  My mom said she used to have her birthday cakes on this plate and under this really cool cover!
 Crepe cake...need to make it again and again so we can get the frosting just right!  ;)
 Happy birthday beautiful young Mathilda Grace!

 We all love you very much and are so glad you were born!!