In addition to nature's seasons, we have multiple seasons of our own.  The boundaries may be hard like from one date to another, or through a particular stage, or maybe even an emotional season.  I'm not exactly sure of the description of the boundaries for the season depicted in the following pictures...perhaps a conglomeration of them all...

 Mathilda participated in Girls On the Run this fall.  They met after school twice a week to train for a 5K, while also being lifted up spiritually and mentally as young women.
 Each of the girls choose a running buddy to run with the day of the race.  This session's race was scheduled for November, so I planned to run with her since we determined it was far enough after Willa's birth.  Slipping on an icy driveway right onto my back rerouted our plans though, leaving Mathilda without a designated buddy, although she ended up having plenty of volunteers to step in for me.
 This end-of-the-season race is typically held at a location that can accommodate hundreds of runners from across a large portion of the state.  This year, the day of the official race was so bitterly cold that it was cancelled.  (That's right, those are my children in shorts and no coats when everyone is shivering with their coats on!)
 Without missing a beat, our little group quickly came up with an alternate plan to run a 5K through the neighborhood together.  The run was followed with presentation of awards and post-run refreshments.  The neighbors so graciously bundled up and came out to cheer the girls and their buddies on during the race.

 The Pius X vocal department performed a Madrigal dinner before Christmas.  Hours of rehearsals and costume/set construction resulted in several outstanding musical and theatrical dinner performances.  This concert marked the end of Jakob's high school vocal career.  I love listening to him sing and wish that he too had more hours in the day than things to accomplish.

Of course in the midst of holidays and music and running and bringing home a new baby, the indoor sports continued too.  Jon enjoyed his first junior high basketball season at St. Teresa's.

Annual year-end movie.  Several years ago we unknowingly began a routine that we do our best to maintain!  Our dear friend Amy, who has the memory of an elephant will remind anyone of the movie(s) that we have gone to with her and her desire to repeat it.  I think at this point, even if my kids had no desire to see the movie, they would do it for Amy because of the joy it brings her.  This is the whole kids, Amy and Amy's nieces and nephews (my bff's kids).

Christmas break began with a tonsillectomy for Joshua.  We offered to puree his prime rib at Christmas dinner.  I'm pretty sure he would never elect to do something like this again!

There is a lot of time spend in a gym (or at a field) with our crew.  One might think that we would get tired of it.  While it may get tiring, we don't get tired of it.  I guess it is part of our family identity by now.

I'm so sad the the only picture I have of Jakob wrestling is the one below.  I have a few video clips, but somehow neglected to take still shots.  I would blame it on having my hands full with a newborn, but I have some of everyone else, so that probably isn't the best excuse!
 I think it is kind of fun that both boys stand in anticipation the same way...

Once again, to remember that other things happen in between...

ice skating with friends...we don't ice skate enough to remember how each time.  It usually takes a while to get up and stay there.  I reminded myself how hard a big, old body can land when airborne!  :)

Mathilda was involved in a STAGE performance this winter where she played an explorer in search of the perfect yellow "thing" to hit with a racquet for the Merchant of Tennis.
 Stage performance really suits her!

...and back to the hardcourt...

 The team celebrating a winning day at dinner...

Different sports schedules keep us moving...sometimes the view looks like this:

...and sometimes it looks like this:

The "little boys" wrestled this year too.  One would've thought that they had been wrestling for years already.  They were naturals.  I guess it makes sense when you think about it...they're doing something with real officials on a mat with a singlet on now instead of in the living room in their pjs!

 The Andreasen fan club
...sometimes less enthusiastic than others...

 The Thunderbolt wrestling team.

The laundry room view on any given weekend

 The Jr. Thunderbolt wrestling club.