Birthdays Still Happened

Despite not recording them, birthdays in August, September and November DID happen!  They seemed a bit down-played without a fancy-schmancy birthday cake or planned activities.  The special days were much more spontaneous this time around, but of course still included breakfast in bed.

 Mathilda turned 10!  Double digits!!

 An impromptu gathering with a few friends at the pool after school because I'm pretty sure that it was over 100 degrees that day.

In September we stepped one year closer to the magic driving age for Jakob.  Holy moly!

 Jakob celebrated #15 with us in the morning and then with friends that night because it was homecoming…and even though I've gotten better about stepping up my picture taking confidence, I didn't quite muster up the courage to step into a group of teenagers and take pictures.  I did finally insist on delivering cheesecake for their group dinner as a birthday dessert and sadly, no one was hungry.  I'm not sure how I feel about not being in control of planning birthday celebrations.  Don't grow up anymore!!!

Jonathan got to celebrate in the new house, and his birthday was jam-packed too...

We finally settled in from whatever was going on all day to celebrate with some friends late in the evening…but cake DID happen.  Almost a teenager!!

Happy birthday to all three!  I hope to revisit this post and add all the milestones reached in your previous year.  

We also got to celebrate a special birthday of a dear friend in September.  Amy turned 40 and her family had a big party for her.  Amy is all about parties, so everyone had a blast!!

Finally, Joshua got to have his birthday party in September…because we didn't quite make it happen in March.  Backyard movie night with friends, sugar and more sugar.  :)