Benjamin's 1st Holy Communion

Benjamin.  He is our #5, and I have a theory about #5s.  They are full of energy and not necessarily cut from the same mold as all the rest.  A little more ornery, a little more whiny, a little more mischievous.  No lack of love though.  My number five has a huge heart.  He is as compassionate and caring as he is obstinate and he has a very real fire for Jesus.  Yes, he is the one that probably produces most of my wrinkles and grey hairs, but in that little twinkle in his eye is an obvious glimmer of all that is good. 

When Benjamin went to preschool--which he waited to do all his life--(and at that point we had decided against preschool for the other kids since it meant more driving back and forth), I almost fell off my chair at parent-teacher conferences.  His teacher, who had taught the older two boys, and who is quite quiet and reserved, said, "Benjamin is..." (long pause which made my heart sink)  Oh no I thought.  She is trying to figure out how to tell me how naughty Ben is.  "Benjamin is such a wonderful boy.  He is so quiet and kind, and he follows directions and he is polite, and..."  At this point I think I asked her if she was talking about MY Benjamin!!  She was...that is just the kind of kid he is.

Everything that Benjamin has done, he has waited a lifetime for.  It is tough to be the brother behind three big boys.  He tagged along to baseball and soccer and concerts and everything, even though there are only seven years between him and Jakob, so it's not like we were even busy in comparison to now.  He waited in line for his turn to come for all of it though...including his first Holy Communion.  I think he pretended with Necco wafers and crackers and anything that remotely resembled a host. 

We celebrated with family of course!  Trey received his 1st communion at the same time at St. Peter's so we all joined together!!

Congratulations Benjamin!!!  We are so proud of you!!