Oh Amelia!  Happy 4th birthday.  I know it is long overdue.  I know you have been four for months now and if I really wished you happy birthday right now, you would be quite confused.  I did not forget about you or choose not to write about you, I simply haven't had a moment of time necessary to devote to expressing what I truly want until now.  Your birthday was no less meaningful, that is for sure! 

What a treat you are.  Every morning you're happy to greet me.  You go to bed each night with the question:  "When do I get up?"  My reply is "when the sun gets up".  That answer makes you so happy for some reason!  This past year, you marveled each day that Joe had school that it was just you and me for the day.  I love to watch you enjoy the smallest things.  You can play for hours with almost nothing and you're thrilled to just ride along whenever I go anywhere.  We all enjoy hearing you talk about the computer...because it is the 'pooter'.  Your smile is contagious.  You love to play with everyone, especially Annie. 

Your brothers picked things they knew you would like for breakfast..strawberry milk, cocoa krispies in a little box and little tiny waffles. 

Finally four!  You anticipated your forth birthday patiently while waiting through the other three in the prior month. 

Mathilda gave you a quilt that she made with Grandma S.  What a special gift...she was so excited to give it to you.

You were so gracious after months of dreaming of your perfect birthday cake and exploring hundreds of options, that you let me buy one for you.  Dora (Dor-ya is how you pronounce her name) is a favorite, so you were pretty excited that she was on your cake.

I love you Amelia!  You are such a treasure.  You are my favorite Amelia in the whole world.  Happy 4th birthday!