Happy Birthday Benjamin

Eight years old.  Ben, you used to ask for days prior to your birthday, "How many days until my happy birthday?"  Now you understand a little more that your birthday comes within weeks and days of the birthday mania that begins with Joseph in February, but you are still very eager!!  You are always up early in the morning...you've never been one to sleep in, and often I still have to remind you that if the sun isn't up, you don't have to be either.  These days, you're pretty self-sufficient though.  On your birthday, anticipating breakfast in bed, you waited patiently--awake and in your bed for all of us slackers to get up (and we still had it to you by 7 am on a Saturday!!!!)


Your big brothers snuck in after you were asleep the night before and covered your floor with balloons!


Your birthday always comes at such a busy time...I guess that isn't going to change.  You have been so good the last couple of years about allowing me to be a slacker on your cakes!!  You are no different from anyone else in dreaming up just what you want all year ahead of time.  This year, you wanted Husker everything and a movie.  Mission accomplished, although I cheated and BOUGHT cupcakes!! 

   Your siblings and I had fun hunting down all the things that we thought would make you happy.  Really long hot dogs, sweet potato and regular potato "tots", movie candy, popcorn and pop and of course HUSKER STUFF!  We even found a red soda just for you!


Happy 8th birthday Benjamin!!  You are truly a delight.  You are definitely still a stinker and yes, still the cause of any grey hairs that develop on my head, mostly because you tend to disappear quickly whenever we go somewhere.  You gravitate to dirt and danger.  You are busy...fearless...creative...competitive...strong-willed (that is nice for stubborn) and independent...you are always willing to help, especially if it involves cooking or baking.  You come home everyday for school asking "what's for snack?" and then you proceed to eat for the rest of the night until you go to bed--and if I'm not the wiser at the moment, there is usually food taken up to your room too.  You and Joe are best buddies (and conspirators).  You also come home and do your homework right away and usually it is all correct!  You're very good at math and you like reading least, but you're getting so much better at it.  You adore your current teacher, Sr. Marie Caritas and are always singing the little tunes she teaches you at school. 



Happy birthday Benjamin Thomas.  You are my favorite Benjamin in the whole world and I'm so glad God picked us to be your parents!!