Jonathan "Stephen"

Come Holy Spirit, fill us with the fire of your love!  Jonathan was confirmed on Joshua's birthday this year, so we had much to celebrate!!  Jon chose St. Stephen the Martyr for his confirmation saint.  The ornament above is the artwork of a local artist whose work is so inspiring.  She created this particular image of St. Stephen per my request for Jonathan.  I'm looking forward to having her do St. Sebastian for Jakob and St. John Vianney for Joshua and then to keep up with upcoming confirmation saints for the rest of the kids.  I love the pendants that I have from her.

Prior to big day, the confirmands had a retreat day that began with Mass, exposition and confession.

All of the kids are so reverent...but obviously still very much energetic boys!!!

The Bishop questioned the group prior to the Confirmation Mass.  They were well prepared and he (the Bishop) did such a nice job of questioning and teaching at the same time. 

This was the first St. Teresa's class to be confirmed by our new Bishop. 

What an opportunity to have three of our family serve Jonathan's confirmation mass.  A special day indeed. 

So many special people in Jon's life to share the day with him:

The world truly is a small place...our entire day we discovered lots of connections in those around us.

Jon's godparents...Angie's childhood friend is our current neighbor's daughter, and she also went to grade school and high school with Jon's confirmation sponsor!

Mr. H, whose family is good friend's with Angie's family, not to mention friends with one of Jon's friends families whom we've known for sometime and learned that my parents and said friend's parents know each other!

 Mr. H's wife, Mrs. H who is the sponsor of another close friend, which reminded me of this picture from 1st communion of Jon and Addie:

Did you get all of that??

Jon's godmother Miss Nancy...Jon is lucky in that he (and Joseph) have two families as godparents--Nancy being his godmother, Mr. B being his godfather.  We did this because we wanted both families involved in this manner of our children's lives and worried that we may not get to have more than three kids.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  So, Mrs. B and Mr. T (Nancy's husband) are Joe's godparents. 

Nancy's #3 and Jon (#3) are merely four days apart in age...but look at the difference in height!  :)  I have lots of pics of the two of them together...the only one that shows them being the same size are the ones that they are younger than 1 or so. 

I really love how we are all a big family!  Jon's godparents are long-time friends and we all started a parenting group called Catholic Family Faith Formation (CF3) years ago, then eventually families moved, kids were involved in different activities and as a result, we all rerouted our efforts into other families in our own parishes--enter Jon's confirmation sponsor, Millie's godparents and the family of Addie.
 Nancy's sister Amy, who is the cat's meow to my kids because she absolutely loves everyone and loves to dance!  She has a steel trap memory and can remind me of things from college, our wedding and any event we've ever shared!

Congratulations Jonathan Stephen Alexander Andreasen!  Your special sacrament of becoming an adult member of the Church allowed us to celebrate you with relatives and friends--our family!