Election Year

Joshua will be entering 7th grade next year, which means that this year he got to run for Student Council. The process involved an application, soliciting a letter of recomendation, writing and giving a speech for the primary elections and then when he was selected to proceed, creating a poster to promote his candidacy as well as write and deliver another speech for the general elections. He did all of it on his own (with the exception of typing the poster since he is grounded from the computer), well enough to be elected. Good job Joshua!!! We are proud of you!!

Here is his general election speech:

Hi!  I'm Josh.  Most of you know me from either my brother Jakob, or the great stories the teachers from the past have told.  I may seem irresponsible at times or just plain dumb, but if you look past all that, I'm really in a sort of way, mature and responsible.  I have attended Leadership camp, where they teach you how to be a leader, how to play dodge ball, and about your faith. 

I am an altar boy, a babysitter, and the second oldest of seven kids.  If you didn't get it, I'm good with kids and I know a lot of stuff about what kids of all ages like to do.

The reason I want to be on Student Council is:  I want to make the school fun, or more fun than it already is.  I have lots of great ideas, like:  dress-up-however-you-please day or a day of play instead of work. 

If you'd like to have a strong, God-loving, creative dude as a memeber of student council, vote Josh.

Thank you.