Double Digits

Happy 10th birthday Jonathan!!  Double Digits!  Oh my. 

Much has changed since you sat in your high chair digging into your first birthday cake nine years ago! 

You've obviously grown!

And your expressions have changed a little...although your interests are still much the same.

Well, maybe some things haven't changed too much!  :)

This expression is still very much recognizable.

As I looked back through pictures from the last nine years (I don't have much of your first year on digital files), part of me wanted to include so many pictures.  I love remembering through pictures.  I can hardly believe the little boy in all of those pictures is already 10 years old!

This tenth birthday began as they always do...with breakfast in bed.  Funny, this year your birthday was on a Sunday and we went to church on Saturday night, so I was conflicted as to what time to bring your breakfast to you.  You like to sleep a little longer, but you haven't reached that point of "sleeping until noon" like your older brothers have yet, so we compromised and waited until 8 am. 

You were born around 10am...which of course meant that the older boys thought we should have waited until at least then since you all three share a room!  They were good sports though and joined us to sing "Happy Birthday" and take a group picture.  (Then I think they went back to bed for a while.)  You always like to hear about how you were the easiest...your Dad and I went to Villiage Inn the night before you were born and he told you that you didn't have to wait any longer.  You must have listened because within a few hours I went into labor...but even at that point in your life, you must have been trying to make it easier on me, so everything stoppeed for a few hours and then around 6 am started again.  (I'm sure I have this all written down somewhere and I'm probably getting some of it a little wrong, but most of it is right on I'm sure!)  Nothing too big though, so we gathered everyone up and dropped Jakob and Joshua off at day care (I worked one day a week at that time at the hospital and your birthday was my day!--how convenient to have child care all lined up!)  We piddled a little, running errands and then finally went to the hospital, checked in, and delivered a baby--you--just about that fast! 

You're very much a football fan, and of course a BIG Husker fan.  You simply requested "football", so a Husker game day celebration was easy!

The outcome of the game was not good, but I think the company was!

Any small gathering turns into a party when you add the other six of your siblings to celebrate with you. 

Lunch was serverd at half time--before the awful demise of the Husker team. 

You were part of a piano recital on your birthday too and your instructor told you she'd have a cake for you!  :) 

Grandma and Grandpa A came following the recital to celebrate with us a little more.

Three birthday cakes in less than two days...I hope you won't expect the same every year!  :)  Cake pushups were fun.

You're going to get a hair cut as a gift from us.  HA HA!

Jon, you are one amazing boy!  Every morning and every night you start and end your day by giving me a hug and telling me you love me.  You get up each morning without complaining and complete your chores and usually ask if there is anything else that needs to be done.  You're pretty even-keeled and you do a great job taking care of your younger siblings.  We do not buy birthday presents, but this year a couple of weeks before your birthday, we checked your wishlist and got you a Nintendo DS (it's been on your list for a few years now) because of the consistency in your selfless and gracious behavior.  It was fun to see your face when we gave it to you.  I know you didn't ever think you'd get one.  We're proud of very proud of you!  Happy birthday to my favorite Jonathan in the whole wide world!  We love you Jon.