Worth a thousand words

Family pictures...I often wonder, "If we had one or two children, would family pictures go faster?"  "Would it be easier to capture a picture where everyone has their eyes open, smiles on, heads turned forward, hair out of the face, etc, etc, etc???" 

We took advantage of the good weather, a day that we (all of us) had more than two solid hours at home, and family visiting to give the family photo shoot a try.  I'm not sure that there is ever a perfect environment for conquering this task, and somehow, no one jumps up and down in excitement shrieking, "YAY!!!  We get to take pictures!!!"  They do however get dressed and indulge me long enough to capture just a few...but of course not really ONE that has everyone sitting and smiling just perfectly.  Oh well...perfect is so overrated anyway...I guess we pretty much capture real life.  :)

It's always fun for everyone to look back at pictures.  Aren't they amazing??  How such expression, color, interaction can be caught and trapped in a still image to create a memory for as long as it exists to look at?  There are some childhood memories that I have that I'm not really sure if I truly remember the event or if the picture helped create it.

"Go ahead and hold hands kids..."

"Come on Ben, hold my hand"

"Beeeeeeeennnnn!  Hold my hand!"

                                                                                           "Not so tight!"


                          'We are so done with this hand-holding nonsense!  Millie needs her hands for other things, like nose-picking!"

"You guys need to just love each other like we do!"

"What??  More pictures?????"

We tried to add Uncle Cash and Aunt Annie...

Let's try Grandma and Grandpa...

Wind...sun...some eyes open, some closed, blocking faces, running away from the picture...seriously...how hard is it for nine people to all smile at the same time???  That is a rhetorical question!  :)

There are some pictures that tend to be really good...you know, the smile, the pose, the light, the eyes...and then there are those that tell the true story of the subject.  We got a little of both.

I could've kept them out there for another hour, but to their liking, my memory card was getting full.  I'd love to have the camera ready to shoot at every moment...there is always something grand to capture.

Maybe we should have a cattle shoot to use in our house...

                                                                                      All because two people fell in love...