Eight is Great

Happy 8th birthday Mathilda.  EIGHT!  I thought about going back through my blog posts to see what I've written about your previous birthdays, but I decided not to.  I wanted to write what is in my heart right now, even at the risk of repeating myself from past years. 

You are a minority in our home...a girl amidst a tribe of boys.

...although you hang right in there!

  It is beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking to watch you find your place and discover yourself.  You are certainly strong, and I don't mean just physically.  Your spirit is strong.  It probably has to be considering your company.  You are independent.  You are dramatic.  You are rough and tumble, yet all about glitz and glam.  No one taught you how to perform, yet it seems like you've been part of a stage production naturally.  You are more like your Aunt Tamara than you are like me, but I see myself in you more and more all the time.  I'll probably learn the right way to apply my makeup and style my hair and coordinate my wardrobe from you someday.  I'm sure that you'll keep me up on all the latest fads, pop-culture news and goings on.  You're  never a loss for words.  :) 

You are thoughtful and always good about expressing your love for your dad and I and you're very caring and empathetic to everyone.  You enjoy doing things that you know others would like and you try hard to please.  You are a "physical touch" kind of person...close-up-hugs-and-kisses-sit-in-a-lap-hold-your-hand kind of girl.  You have a very vivid imagination and you are a wonderful big sister, especially to your own sister.  I know you'll both be close even though you're six years apart.  Amelia thinks you are the cat's meow.  The rest of them love you too, even though sometimes you have to read between the lines to see it. 

You were quite excited to celebrate your eighth birthday...doing a good job keeping your cards unopened until your actual birthday, but making sure that we didn't forget to have your birthday cake.  Your eighth birthday was also your first day of second grade!

 Breakfast in bed, and then off to school, treats in hand for your new classmates to help you celebrate.  Hope they helped make you feel the day was extra special!

Grandma and Grandpa A were here to have cake and ice cream with you and sing "Happy Birthday", which Amelia continues to sing to you three days later!

  Each phone call to wish you a happy day was greeted with excitement and you proceeded to fill the caller in on...well, everything!  :)

I thought I would include pictures of your room that you share with your sister, especially since you are always interested in changing it a little...wonder where that came from??? 

This is your room when you were eight!

Wonder what it will look like when you're 18??

I haven't even finished painting it from the last time!  I keep telling you we can decorate it any way you'd like if you keep it clean for three weeks in a row.  (I'm not too worried)  You are a really good cleaner when you want to be...we all are.  :)  You are 4 feet, 4.25 inches tall.  You wear a size 3 shoe.  You're working on growing your bangs out so you can put all of your hair in a pony tail.  You are most excited about receiving your first communion this year, and you've changed your mind about being a mom to someday becoming a nun...both are wonderful choices, and I pray that you continue to strive to hear God's voice regarding your vocation.

The hightlight of your entire birthday was probably meeting your newest cousin Jeslyn. 
She was all of five days old and your were tickled and content to hold her like it was old hat
and show Amelia the ins-and-outs of how to hold a baby, although I think it is second nature to her too. 

I can hardly believe it has been eight years ago since you were that size, all content to snuggle all curled up in a little ball.
 We were pretty excited to have a pink sign after three blue ones the day you were born, although I was a little frightened of the differences in raising a girl vs. a boy. 
Truthfully, I still am a little scared, but a lot excited about the conversations that are a little more real than just a year ago, and the prospect of teaching and sharing with you and watching you grow into a wonderful young woman. 






You are a beautiful, beautiful child, and not just on the outside. God has very special plans for you! I love you so very much...you are my favorite Mathilda in the whole world.  Happy birthday!