Tell tale signs

At some point, it's going to all be a blur.  I am always amazed at how quickly time passes.  I remember times in my life feeling like something was so far away and the wait would seem to last forever.  Now, I can hardly even keep up with the changing seasons!  We are at the end of another school year, the beginning of spring, the start of new things...again!  By looking at pictures, I see the changes, and some of them are drastic!  How a 12 year old can morph from a boy into a young man and an infant progresses to toddlerhood in what seems to be a period of time equivilant to overnight? 

Consistantly though, there are indicators that we are approaching notable markers in the year, and while they come all too quickly, they're also welcomed because they're new again, and typically just the change we need.

The warmer weather produces color and frangrance like no other time of year.  The way new life creeps into the springtime will never get old!

My lilac bush that I planted as a mere twig when we moved in is finally full of these fabulous lavendar clusters!

And even the promise of more color that will unfold is one more indicator that we're approaching a new season.

May...Cinco de we really need an excuse to eat Mexican food!

The school spring musical program.  I think it is always fun to observe how differently each of the kids participate.  Ben grinned from ear to ear the entire night and knew every word to every song.

This may be the first time I've actually seen Jon show emotion beyond stoicism!

Mathilda engulfed in singing her heart out.  This one is eager to perform at all times!

...and of course, one of the biggest tell-tale signs that spring is here, summer is approaching, school is almost out and that our daily events will once again be rerouted to a new routine:  baseball gear.  The mass of cleats in practically every size from  Joe through Jakob, batting gloves, and sliding pants all begin to come out of storage for the start of another season of ball.  Five kids...five teams...ten games...five nights a week.  Sounds crazy, but it's one of my favorite times of year!