Are you ready for Christmas?

"Are you ready for Christmas?" It is a question that I've heard often in the last couple of weeks. "Hmm...I am ready for Christmas...I'm not done with the list of things I wanted to have completed by the time my family arrives to celebrate though." This year more than any other I have developed an attitude of disgust regarding the commercialism of Christmas. I have no desire to buy gifts for even my own children. We bought a pool table and a ping pong table on an auction a month ago, and the pool table has been in use for about that long...that was our gift to our children...I hope they haven't forgotten, because there won't be any other presents under the tree from us. Santa will bring them each one thing, but their stockings won't even make it out of storage this year (mostly because I still don't have ones made for Joe and Amelia). There is nothing that zaps the Christmas spirit out of one like people shoving each other and steeling parking spots to go get those over priced gifts to put under the tree.

My family will be at our house this year to celebrate and I am so excited for them to be or not, it is wonderful to know that within the walls of our house, the true reason for celebrating will not be forgotten.