First Crush

Benjamin loves going to preschool. His tendency to focus on one thing that he really likes has not changed. He reluctantly gave his beloved orange football sweatshirt to his brother, then traded in the baseball uniform for a football uniform and then for shinguards and soccer cleats. He has worn the same outfit to school 90% of the time which is a pair of plaid shorts and a blue shirt. He loves them. Last week it was cold outside and I insisted that he wear jeans instead of shorts. He thought about this for a moment and then said he couldn't because Lillian wouldn't be wearing jeans.

Lillian is a little girl in his class that for the last two weeks has been the object of his affection. There is not an hour that goes by that he doesn't mention her name. He knows where she lives (which is right across the street from school) and points her house out everyday that we drive by it. I'm not sure that she feels the same way about Ben as when her mom asked her about her friends she said only the girls, "not any of the boys". On the particular cold day that I wanted him to wear jeans, I finally had to pretend to call Mrs. Johnson to see if Lillian was wearing shorts. Ben was temporarily satisfied with the phoney response of "no shorts for Lillian", but then decided that he needed to know if she was wearing jeans or other pants. I didn't think this warranted another "phone call", so he finally settled on jeans, but couldn't wait to get to school to see what Lillian would be wearing.

We'll see how long this will go on. :) This morning his comment was that he wished we lived closer to Lillian so he could see her when he doesn't have school. Sigh...oh my!!